Vision Statement

 “Restoring hope and building lives around the world.”

This is the creed that has established and sustained the heart of Restoration for many years.

Vision for Restoration

It is the heart of our Bishop and ministerial staff to see people’s lives changed and made whole by the transforming power of Christ and to see them led by the Holy Spirit and living the life that God has called them to live.

Church Vision

To raise up and equip the people of Restoration as strong and effective leaders within our communities, while bringing honor and glory to God and fulfilling His purpose within the earth.

To bring salvation and restoration to the lives of individuals and families within our communities and helping them discover and function within the calling God has for them.

Community Vision

To see the forgotten ones or unwanted ones, come to know God through a personal relationship as Lord and Savior and to Love faithfully while serving Him.

We are committed to reclaiming, rebuilding and transforming this often confused and trouble generation from a life of hopelessness to wholeness and soundness in all areas of their lives.

World Vision

To raise up leaders and send them with the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the uttermost parts of the earth.  Until every person in every area of the globe has had an opportunity to hear the Gospel.

We will do this through the establishment of Christian schools, Seminaries and outreach ministries who will be involved in training our leaders to evangelize and plant churches in these areas.