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What to Expect When You Visit

Planning to come? Here's what you can expect...


Nice, sincere people: We LOVE visitors! We LOVE people! When you arrive for the first time, don't be surprised by our excitement to meet you. At the same time, we are eager about assisting everyone, so if we don't at first recognize that it is your first time joining us, please let us know so that we can guide you. 

A casual atmosphere. We care about YOU and not what you are wearing; so please feel free to dress comfortably. Come in and enjoy a free cup of coffee from our cafe and sit wherever you like. 

A fun and safe environment for kids. Bring your whole family! Kids will be checking both in and out of our kids ministries prior to service. Breakfast is also given if you arrive early. All our nursery and children's volunteers must pass background checks and have experience with children. It is important that your kids are as safe while in our care so that your concerns are put to ease. Nursery is available for 3 weeks old - 3; and children services are for ages 3-11. 

Biblical and practical teaching is so valuable in today's age and we strive to hold true to such teachings and worship. With live drums, guitars, piano and instruments, our worship team leads us in active praise. Don't be surprised when you see some raising and clapping hands or dancing with the music, and don't feel obligated to do so yourself. We create an atmosphere of freedom.

A heart for giving. We are all here for the very reason that someone, Christ, gave. With this in mind, please do not feel obligated to give financially. You are our guest! We do have two opportunities presented for our members and all others to give: our traditional tithes and offerings time before the message will also be followed by an offering of response afterwards for those who did not have the opportunity in the first, or desire to do so thereafter. 

We are a ministry having the desire to serve all people and demonstrate the true love of God. This is a place where everyone belongs no matter color, background, personality, size or status. You will find a group of people filled with experiences and life stories from every demographic and reality imaginable, and some beyond that! We value all people. We believe the complete Word of God and strive to understand it in greater levels continuously. And we challenge the ongoing growth and building of ministries locally, nationally and globally.